The 12 signs that you are intelligent

The 12 signs that you are intelligent

You may not have noticed that you are more intelligent than other people in your actions or habits. Try the following and try to compare yourself to your friends who do not like this.

1 . You enjoy learning to use musical instruments

There have been studies that have shown that learning to use develop. A study the time to learn to use instruments for a month can help children aged between 4-6 years to get high scores significantly In their study.

2 . You’re the oldest in the family

An interesting study shows that the eldest in the family has a higher IQ than the IQ you have. And this is why the eldest in the family has a greater chance of success in life.

3 . You have a slim (Slim)

In 2006, an annual survey showed a link between obese people and poor cognitive ability. According to another study, 11-year-olds who pass the test have the lowest scores, usually overweight. The chances of success in the study are greater for healthy individuals (weight in proportion to height)

4 . Infants who are breastfed

Scientists from England and New Zealand, who studied 3,000 babies, found that those who were breastfed at an early age scored seven points higher than those who were not breastfed. Breastfeeding. But the study only focused on children with the same gene. The scientists have determined the link between genetics and breastfeeding.

5 . You enjoyed reading from a young age

In a study of over 5,000 pairs, babies who had started reading at an early age scored higher on test scores. Researchers believe that reading at a young age can improve verbal and non-verbal abilities.

6 . Left-handed users

There are documents that show that the left-hander is a criminal. In the latest research, people who use left-handed people become distracted – creative dealing with a task or problem. And those divisions help them deal with complicated situations.

7 . You’re always worried about something

More people with more anxiety may be smarter than less anxious people. This is probably because they always think about the possible consequences of their actions to make sure everything goes smoothly.

8 . You’re tall

Research conducted by Princeton University shows that taller kids learn better. They reach adolescence, they have the potential to earn more. So you should be proud

If you are tall.

9 . You’re a funny guy

A study of 400 students taking the Cognitive Test showed that humor and intelligence were closely linked.

10 . You are a curious person

a university in London concludes that curiosity is a feature of highly intelligent people. Such people often use their thinking regularly. And in the long run, they’ll be interested in exploring new discoveries.

  1. You want something perfect

More intelligent people are people who want perfection. If they study hard, they will work they want.

  1. You are a night owl

It’s kind of funny, but one study shows that people who sleep late at night are generally smarter than people who like to sleep faster. The ability to work and be creative doesn’t come naturally. It’s why scientists have come to the conclusion that intelligent people sleep late because they go beyond the limits of their ability.




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