Students who go abroad after completing their bachelor’s degree get better opportunities

Students who go abroad after completing their bachelor’s degree get better opportunities

 What is the psychology of Nepali students? Due to the growing attraction of Nepali students with foreign education, the confusion of what to do after completing their studies in Nepal, the lack of opportunities and the desire of the with the desire to earn money quickly, I have planned to start a consultancy business. This consultancy has been started in the context of the growing interest of students to study abroad after the agitation of 2062/63 and at the same time planning to start a new business after finishing my studies.


In the current context, Nepali students want to earn an income along with their studies. As there are not many income opportunities in Nepal, it seems that students are attracted to developed countries. Where there is a facility to work for some time along with studies, there seems to be more attractive.

Which countries can students go to from Sakura?

Sakura can go to Nepal Consultancy for higher education, especially in Japan. We are also planning for South Korea and Australia.

What is the process like going to Japan?

There is a simple process in Japan. First of all, Japanese language study is mandatory in Japan. No process can start for Japan without learning Japanese. Along with language study, you have to pass various language exams. Since you have to study the language even after going to Japan, the better you study the language in Nepal, the easier it will be in Japan. And those who are good at language also getting good opportunities. College schools are then the student’s academic credentials. The Japanese embassy also looks at the academic session, the marks obtained, whether he is a regular student, whether he is able to go to Japan for higher education, and what his family’s financial status is. So bank balance, transactions, annual income, asset details, tax payment documents are required. Japan, especially, looks at whether the student is able to go to Japan to study and what the financial status of the parent is.

Can a student go to Japan after completing this process?

Completing the process does not mean that you can go to Japan. Students who complete the process are presented to the Immigration Office of Japan. The Immigration Commission provides the Certificate of Eligibility. Students who receive the Eligibility Paper can apply for a in Nepal. Students must sit in an interview preparation class before applying for a visa.

Can students apply even after ESRI?

This is not to say that students who have just finished school will not be able to go to Japan. There are various language courses in Japan. There are short term funds and long term courses. But we only work for long term courses. As far as students who have only done ESRI are concerned, since they are younger, it is more appropriate to study up to class 12 in Nepal than to study abroad. As school level up to class 12 is now recognized in Nepal, it is appropriate to go abroad after completing at least school level studies. Students who go abroad after completing their studies up to bachelor level still get very good opportunities.

Can you tell us about Sakura’s other services?

Sakura is especially a language study center where an educational counselor can also be found. Korean, Japanese and English can also be studied here. We have good language teachers. Is conducting the work with the approval of the Ministry of Education. We are established because only trained counselors provide counseling services and are taught by experienced trainers.

Why do students choose Sakura Nepal for their studies?

Students should choose an institution for language study where there are regular classes, experienced instructors and the institution is a few years old. This is not to say that you should not study in the new, the main thing is to see if there is an educational environment and an experienced instructor. You also need to understand the intentions and ethics of the operator. We study language education, especially higher education in Japan, We are also sending students. We have been working in Japan for ten years. Therefore, students can confidently believe in our experience. At present, there is a trend of visa guarantee in the market. There are rumors of money being returned if not passed. We don’t believe in that. No country’s visa is guaranteed. It is foolish to believe that someone will take a guarantee. It is good to be clear about service facilities in the business. You should be able to clearly tell the client what it is. We do not start work with a visa assurance. Let’s make it clear what it is. So the students seem to believe us.

Does a student visa get a job?

In Japan, student visas allow you to work 24 hours a week. Doing more than that is illegal. It is important for students to understand why they are here. Those who go on a student visa should focus mainly on their studies. Her first job is to read. The only time you can work is to earn a living by eating, living and studying further. If a student realizes that he has gone to work, not, he will never be satisfied or sad. Students can save money by working hard, but their first priority should be education.

How long does a student get a Japanese visa?

The visa period in Japan depends on the condition of the college or school. Students who want to go to Japan will get a visa based on the age of the school and college they are going to and the prestige they have. Get a visa for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 2 years. On average, most people get a 15-month visa. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. If all goes well, you can add a visa to the college’s recommendation. If they are involved in illegal activities, they can return the visa immediately, no matter how long it takes.

What subjects are students most attracted to?

Students going to study in Japan must first study the Japanese language. Only after studying the language can they choose a subject for higher education. Students seem to be attracted to technical and skill-based subjects.

How many students from Nepal go to Japan annually?

If we look at the whole of Nepal, the number of people going abroad for higher education is increasing. Depending NOCs received from the Ministry of Education, between 10,000 and 15,000 go to Japan annually. But not everyone who takes NOC gets a visa from the Japanese embassy. Only students who pass the embassy interview will get a visa.

Let’s change the context, you are active in social service, besides business, can you tell us something about that?

Of course, although I have taken this profession, business as a service. I have said that this profession is 51 percent business and 49 percent service. It is also a service teachers, staff, etc. By using a rented house in Kathmandu. It is also a service to give the right advice to the students who have just come to Kathmandu from a village where they do not understand anything to study abroad.

Apart from that, I am affiliated with the Lions Club, the oldest social service organization in the world, and I am also involved in the Nuwakot Concern Society. I will be active in the provision of food and shelter for the street children in the city, the rescue of those who have lost their mental balance. I donate blood regularly and even inspire others to donate blood. Everyone has been able to help the miserable in a day that is weaker than their own. By doing this, I believe that self-satisfaction can be achieved and happiness can always be maintained.


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