Should students spend time on volunteering?

Should students spend time on volunteering?

At school age, some students and students focus on their education mainly for the purpose of getting a good job, high income and becoming a competent person to compete in society, but studying in the same school cannot help or develop yourself into an outstanding person. Many factors combine, such as work experience or other situations that apply in everyday life With this knowledge, it is important for the person to become successful in life.

Turn your attention to the situation of students and students who are gaining knowledge in the society, how they can gain experience outside of school to enhance their self-esteem as they are not yet able to have the appropriate bio. To the job requirements?

Of course, students and students can develop their abilities and experiences through participation in volunteer or social work.

What about social work or volunteer work?

Social work or volunteer work is a job that individuals take for free, IE volunteering. Many students and students are always worried about their grades in school, and their excesses don’t help them discover or learn new things around themselves. They understand that other work outside of school prepares them like volunteering is a waste of time and does not benefit them, but if you want to stand out in any situation Something unique and special.

Advantages of volunteering

Recognizing that current students seem to be more interested in volunteering and also having more volunteer work to give students an opportunity to get acquainted with their work and social life, it will be important for them to do so. Get immersed in the social environment Get to know a lot of people who have potential in society. The following are the advantages of volunteering.

Build relationships with others

Volunteering can provide the broadest knowledge we have ever encountered, especially giving us the opportunity to interact with people in society with different skills, knowledge, hobbies, new friendships, relationships and the ability to work in teams. Share new knowledge, experiences you have had through engaging in problem-solving activities and learning to improve each other.

Develop a good attitude towards yourself

In addition, volunteering can strengthen your responsibility for your work, your time, and your obligations, including confidence in expressing and addressing social issues, as we do  with volunteering. We do this without pressure from others, and joining this volunteer activity also helps us to reduce our anger, frustration, depression and other negative emotions by doing good to the society. Volunteering is a job that allows you to discover the same passion for the profession, and that volunteering will make you feel happy as you become a small part of society.

Increase job opportunities

Volunteering can also be a key for you to download both hard-core and soft-skills, such as giving you the opportunity to work in real-time, address relationships, create or organize Project Leadership. . Not only that, by volunteering in an internship to gain experience and become a professional worker. For example, in the health field, you have to spend time volunteering at hospitals where you can find volunteer work to link your resume to the future.

Disadvantages of volunteering

At the same time, volunteering also has some drawbacks if we do not manage our time well. The following are the disadvantages of volunteering.

Affects learning or working time

It depends on the work you are doing right now, whether it is focused on using the appropriate time or not. For example, some long-term volunteering can have a detrimental effect on learning if it does not take time. Volunteering requires teamwork, meetings, meetings in the province, etc. Therefore, if you work full-time or full-time, do not go to volunteer work because it has an impact on education.


Volunteering is to work well in harmony with each other. Whether it’s a job in a small organization or a national charity, you will not be able to avoid contact with anyone, sometimes with problems in the group due to bad attitudes together. Working with people who have the wrong attitude with us is difficult, dysfunctional, contradictory, causing common goals, diverging goals, making work difficult, and you lose the sense of accomplishment.

Detrimental to health

Volunteering requires the use of physical and mental energy to do the work, focusing on the emotional, physical, and psychological well-being. The more time you spend on volunteer work, the more likely you are to feel stressed, frustrated, and have negative effects on your health. Some volunteers need to be in the province, by car, and by bus.

Overall, although volunteering has some drawbacks, most of the time, it is up to the individual to adjust the situation, adjusting and adjusting the time.

What are the ways in which volunteers and education work together?

There is a question why join a volunteer? There are many factors that students decide to participate in social work be a part of helping social development leaders gain new experience. There are so many motivations that make them decide to do social work, it teaches them to love the community, to work in groups, to get to know people from different backgrounds, and so on.

As well as engaging in social work, students need to have a clear time to study in school, not being able to indulge in volunteer work entirely. Both of these things are essential for their future, their inner and outer knowledge, and their potential to create experiences and potential. There are several methods that allow students to adjust and process both social work and school studies effectively and efficiently. The most important factor is time management, which is important if we are our time, when it comes to volunteering, and when we should not.

Time allotment: Doing something with a certain amount of time is surely effective, even if it involves a lot of work. Record all important school events and times for social work. Knowing the time to prepare for a school exam like this is impossible to take on any other job.

Do not delay:  Do the rest or less work, do not forget to do the work It can feel lazy Do not delay Procrastination This also refers to the work in the school, both Homework Assignments must be done To that end, there will be no pressure when it comes to volunteering.

Do not  waste time: We know that studying in school and social work takes time and time, so make productive time work on both. It is better to spend time doing secular work than leaving work on the job. Implement the saying ” spare time, don’t have free time “, so it will work for both our education and volunteering.

In order for both to work well together, we need divide time clearly, setting ourselves up for milestones for both academic and social work. Time is really important when it comes to managing things, and so is everything. To sum up, volunteering is important for everyone, especially students – it’s a great job for them to gain new experiences, meet potential people and develop their soft skills. It is a great contribution of young people to create better resources for the society so that young people need to be able to manage their own time and learn their own life equivalent to volunteering.


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