Reasons to study abroad in Japan

About studying abroad in Japan

I was interested in Japan because junior high school students had just been reading the Japanese Facebook magazine “ViVi” for 6 years. Since then,

When did you start studying Japanese?

I soon started studying in Japan.

Studying Kotana in Japan was hard to take. First half, I can’t do everything … I’ve been in Japan for half a year, and at that time I couldn’t read Katakana and it was beautiful.

When I didn’t understand Japanese well, I was on delivery. What can I do if I get home when my absentee contact form arrives? After that, I have to call you, but I can’t help it because I don’t understand Japanese. At that time, I advised a friend who could speak Japanese and help me.

Besides, when I went to the restaurant, I was somewhat upset. I like sushi a lot, but (basically I don’t understand Japanese well) basically I just got the menu picture. I made a mistake that day and just found Hiragana and Katakana written in a store, which once made it easy for me to read the menu and immediately asked, not all that can come out! I was sad (sad smile).

Universities did you think about your career after graduating from Japanese school?

At first, I focused only on studying Japanese for the first year, and after the second year I did not go to college and collect information.

Actually, at the beginning, I was really interested in fashion, so I was worried about going to a business school where I could study fashion, but. I was very worried. But, as my friend started going to a cram school, I felt cheated and going to a cram school together, got a lot of encouragement from excellent seniors, and my blessing went back to a university. It was. The teacher I met reassured me that “my mind can be sure if you try hard on someone.” So, I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right.

Of course, I advised my parents. Like my parents, I go to university instead of fashion. So, when I say I want to be fashionable, I disagree somewhat, but I wonder if the person’s will is strong. But in the end, I said “I want, I’ll do my best!”

Is there any difficulty in finding a school to take the exam?

In my case, I looked at the official website of the university and searched the website every time for the necessary information. After I took the exam, I didn’t have a website to enter my school  but it’s very useful if you get it. Because different information is collected. Since I talked about the university information I went to at Cram School, I searched for each other on the Internet by the “International Engineering University” and went to each one. This is bad ability (laughter).

School search status is private. I didn’t get math (at EJU), so I only saw one private school. So, I decided how many times I would compare schools.

So please give me a chance to target the purpose of Mechi University.

There are many reasons for choosing Mechi University, but . The most important point is that Vaishakhikaran is growing a lot, the second point is that the support of the students is very kind. For example, out-of-school life, employment, support, (exchange) without studying abroad, problem or support counseling is very kind. The third is high profile. And in the end, the location was good, I thought it would be very useful in this job hunt.

The proportion foreigners are about 40 about 5 of them. Nationality varies slightly depending on the nation, but it has people from inside the classroom. Some students came from Europe and America…… France, Russia and Italy came to Surgadai campus as the third medal.

(About communication) In my case, I basically speak in Japanese. Even when interacting with other international students. There are many lessons in English on the Sugadai campus, and students from Russia and France are studying exchange studies, so I speak English with Western students.

Please tell me about your school life at Mei University

When I first took classes in college, I was more excited than ever.

I was worried, sure. When I was Japanese, there were only foreign student friends, so I talked to Japanese friends after I entered university, so I was worried that I might make friends. Now, half the Japanese and foreign friends are around.

I thought I would go abroad for “exchange studies” and study abroad at Mei, University, so I was in my third year as a student in French business. I went to school for half a year to study abroad.

I didn’t do English at first, but after I enrolled, I decided to study exchange (study abroad) and started studying English. But at the time of enrollment I can’t do everything and TOEIC is very shy and I can’t say the numbers……. When I was two years through a selection test for exchange, I studied English for some time in two years.

I am “International Student Association”, what kind of activity do you do?

I am doing a lot of work at the International Student Conference in China. We welcome Chinese international students to the university and from there we conduct courses together and arrange scheduled courses. For example, this topic is easy to get into a unit, such as a tutor. There are also regular barbecue-like events.

Also, we are doing something like a free entrance exam instructor for Japanese language school students. I give lectures, give advice on countermeasures and exams. I also did cigarette interviews and practiced on them.

Students’ questions, talk a lot about the exam. “I had a run scored at EJU, but could you accept Meiji University?” Or “What kind of work did you do for the entrance exam?”

The activity started from the year of my enrollment and was initially impure, so I tried it in limited schools at the beginning. Wearing this even we were going with ourselves.

In fact, I actually worked hard myself at my, University too, so I was allowed to attend classes at Mei, University, I just looked at such pictures and I ran simulated interviews and saved, I also thought I wished I university good luck. I want to give strength to many students after giving back to them. Also, after the Krama school spent money, we felt it was unethical for children to attend a Krama school (private tutoring university students are not close to each other), so we started such activities.

Job hunting in Japan

I am going, how is your job playing in Japan?

It was serious. Hard to die. In particular, I believe that the students of the literature system and the students of the science bachelor job are very different. In the case of the creator, aren’t there some kids in the literature? So, I realized that Magdi is high and the competition is intense.

This was difficult to do with a certain process. I visited the OBOG, It’s easy to be interviewed in China, twice or even once… Because there are so many graduates from at me, University, there are so many OBOLs in any field, so I think this is a very important condition when choosing a university.

● We go out to the university

What kind of thing do you put your effort into studying for the entrance exam?

Items with special emphasis on studying for the entrance exam, “EJU” exam, we put significant effort on “Japanese” subjects.

Because, when looking at the overall ratio of only 400 points in Japanese subjects, it’s a pretty big ratio, so if you can’t speak Japanese, how can you get better with other subjects, it’s too bad. I thought it would be the result. So, I was trying to do something on Japanese subjects.

This is a self-study for the whole day in the library at a Cram school. I studied almost every hour almost every day. I don’t study after I go home. Drama (to study Japanese) is feeling relaxed, so I really want to do it when I get home. (Yes).

So, did you work hard to pass Meiji University?

I made sure that the hard work of EJU was studied and that the application form was carefully kept. Finally, I thought I asked my superiors to ask and gather information for the entrance exam.

Preparation for filing is about a year. I think it will be filed after about 3 months in the preparation of EJU, so it is about half a year or so.

Purpose of Me University for them

Finally, please advise targeted students at Meiji University!

It lives in Japanese proficiency. Because Japan is always required for EJU exams, to stay in Japan after getting university and lecture. This is the basic premise. Additionally, since I think some people are looking for employment in Japan, I think Japanese ability is absolutely necessary at that time, so I think it would be better to have the ability to connect with Japanese ability. Of course, not only Japan and Japan to take the entrance, I want you to pay attention to what you say.




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