Life in Japan Which international students should be aware while Japan

Life in Japan Which international students should be aware while Japan

In Japan, international students can also work part-time and earn money within certain conditions. First, confirm the terms and check points for part-time work.

Currently, 85% internationally funded live part-time. Although the main Follow the rules and do your best while studying in Japan. Attendance at school will be shorter due to part-time work, so continue your stay (in the new time you can stay in Japan). Please note:

Terms of working time in Japan

You can work part-time while studying abroad, but you must do so within certain conditions.

1: Obtaining “Permission for Non-Eligible Activities” at the Immigration Bureau

2: Do not interfere with the study

Tuition fees and miscellaneous and necessary money supplements to send money and savings to international students

4: What is not a duty business?

5: 29 hour week (drops to 9 hours during long vacations such as summer vacations)

6: Things to say when enrolling in an educational institution

Make sure to pay attention to each item.

(1) “Permission to work out of qualification” is valid even if you change your part-time job once. However, there is an expiration date. This is the same period as your visa, so be sure to renew your non-qualifying activity when renewing your visa. Also, please note that it takes 2 weeks to 2 months before you apply for an unqualified activity permit, so you cannot apply without working part-time.

()) Customs business applies to sex shops, pachinko parlors, mahjong shops, sports centers, dart bars, cabaret, host clubs, lunches, nightclubs, discos, pubs, and internet cafés. In these shops, you cannot even do dish washing and cooking work besides serving customers. Also, you can’t get flying or tissue papers from these stores.

(5) In relation to the limit of working hours within 28 hours per week, employers have recently had a problem not knowing this upper limit. Will be punished, but to remind themselves. The 2-hour, 3-hour limit is not a part-time job. Note summer and winter holidays, you can work up to four hours per day. However, another rule under the Labor Standards Act is that part-time work should not exceed 400 hours a week, so be careful not to exceed 400 hours.

Please note that you may be deported or fined if you do not comply with these conditions.




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