How to get a scholarship to go to study abroad

How to get a scholarship to go to study abroad?

If you are conducting bachelor’s or master’s programs abroad, such as a university or a graduate school, it costs a lot of money to stay in the country. The biggest benefit of reducing the cost of studying abroad is the scholarship received from overseas universities and graduate schools. Let’s find out how to get scholarships from overseas universities and graduate schools, the recent diversified scholarship benefits, and whether there are scholarships that can also be received in language training.
How can I get a scholarship to out country?
International students from overseas universities can apply for scholarships to the Korea Scholarship Foundation’.
‘Presidential Science Scholarship’ provided by the Korean Scholarship Foundation provides scholarships for Korean students studying abroad, and targets students entering a four-year university regardless of any country abroad. However, this is a scholarship that is hard to receive in reality because it is aimed at students who have maintained high grades in mathematics and science for 3 years in high school, and only 10 students are benefiting annually through documents and interviews. If the college scholarship doesn’t get a scholarship from Korea, you can apply for it if each school checks the scholarship and meets the criteria for your grades. If you have not decided on the university to go to, you can inquire and consult about the scholarship policies for each school through a professional counselor at the study abroad company. Eduplanner, the study abroad expert of the Study Abroad, Net, collects the latest news and changes in scholarships from schools in each country, so it is possible to conduct comprehensive consultations regarding scholarships for undergraduate/master’s studies.
 Can I receive scholarships from overseas universities only if my grades are good?
No. Scholarships for students with excellent grades are common, but scholarships are available for a variety of conditions.
For example, in the case of Macquarie University, an innovative university in Australia, up to AU$20,000 (approximately 18 million Korean won) of’ South Korea Scholarship’ for Koreans entering undergraduate and master’s programs in 2017 gave. High school grades or university entrance grades are not included in the scholarship application, and are paid only to students from Korean nationals who attend Macquarie University (Bachelor & Master’s). You can also take advantage of scholarships and admission opportunities through auditions. In the U.S., an art college known as “Hanyo Masamune” holds an audition for freshmen every year to get a scholarship. This year, we are going to hold an audition in Korea in the spring (April), fall, and two times in cooperation with the study abroad net. In addition, prestigious English-speaking universities, such as Liverpool University in the UK and Nottingham University in the UK, have established scholarships and lower admission requirements for Asian students to attract new students.
▶ Scholarship benefits for Korean students! Check out Macquarie University in Australia
 Are there scholarships for language training other than studying abroad?
There are ways to receive scholarships in language training.
In general, I understand that scholarships are paid to college students and graduate students. Global English school brands for language learners offer scholarships in a variety of ways. The Galway Cultural Institute in Ireland provides scholarship benefits ranging from a minimum of 400,000 won to a maximum of 550,000 won for students who have enrolled in this year’s SAY20 & SAY30 courses (programs for English study, travel and part-time jobs). The LSI, a multinational English school, provides scholarships of 10-20% of tuition fees to all enrollees in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand through June of this year. The MLS of English schools will provide 30-year scholarships (up to 1,350,000 won), including regular English courses for students who are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. The scholarship benefits for language training vary by period, country, center, and course, so please check the details of the scholarship through the study abroad net edu planner.







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