How to become a successful headmaster?

How to become a successful headmaster?

The school is an educational institution where quality education is imparted in an undisputed and clean educational environment under the leadership of competent and skilled experienced headmasters. However, this is not the case in all schools. For this, efficient and capable PRA leadership is needed. Again, skilled professionals are not born.

So how to become a skilled and successful headmaster? Here are some things to look for when selecting yours. You can become successful if you can use the knowledge and behavior of the following points to become a successful headmaster in school.

  1. Teachers of your school should not only be afraid of the rules but should also be held accountable by maintaining friendly and cordial relations.
    2. Instead of pointing out the shortcomings of teachers, we should try to win their hearts by highlighting their good points and praising them.
    3. Emphasis should be placed on group discussions and individual discussions with teachers on behalf of the school.
    4. The demands of teachers, students and parents should be taken positively and emphasis should be laid on implementation.
    5. Students need to develop a positive attitude and the teacher without making unnecessary comments about teachers.
    6. Teachers are not discriminated against on the basis of class or politics.
    7. We should have good relations with every person in the social sector and openly praise them.
    8. The school is, but I think it is not everything.
    9. Responsibilities should be divided on the basis of teacher’s interest, ability and competence.
    10. Neighboring communities around the school the main guardians and should be treated accordingly.
    11. For effective teaching, modern teaching methods as well as necessary I. C. T. In order to develop the ability to use, the first thing to do is to develop the skills that teachers can use as an example.
    12. Efforts should be made to mobilize the necessary resources for the school and make it transparent in its use in an achievement-oriented manner.
    13. The teacher-student community should always take psychological care as they seek respect from me.
    14. Good relations should be maintained with all governmental and non-governmental organizations in the society and their much-needed suggestions should be implemented.
    15.  The necessary policy planning and implementation of the entire school.
    From the experience of working as a headmaster, these experiences have been passed on to our teaching friends



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