How to become a good teacher?

How to become a good teacher?

Being a teacher inspires students. Teachers who teach discipline, ethics, righteousness should always be tolerant, patient, egalitarian, simple, polite and humble. Because by following the teacher’s behavior, the student follows the teacher. The teacher should also awaken the students’ hunger for education. Then it is the teacher’s job to satisfy the curiosity. The teaching method should be not only factual but also practical and practical.

Usually, a teacher is a person who teaches others what he knows and understands. But only a person who can teach his knowledge, skill, art, his ideals and values ​​clearly and practically can become a good teacher. Teaching is not just about reading and reciting sentences and letters in a textbook. It is also the duty of the teacher to give practical knowledge according to the interest, level and ability of the student by deeply studying the subject with various examples related to the subject.

Teachers should always pay special attention not only to teaching, but also to their speech, behavior, conduct and dress. The teacher’s speech should be simple, clear, polite and leading. Students should display the same speech and behavior. Students and parents should be able to teach discipline, ethics, character, conduct and virtue, not just teaching, teaching, doing homework and answering questions.

A teacher is a person who spreads light by himself. This means that the teacher should set an example before changing the behavior of others. It is said that if you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself. Similarly, the teacher must be accountable to the parents and the community. Similarly, the society should not be stingy in giving due respect to the teachers who impart knowledge and skills in the society.

Teachers have a powerful weapon of discretion and knowledge. But to be a good teacher, the teacher himself must be constantly curious. Continuing learning, acquiring knowledge, constantly sharing the knowledge, skills and art learned, expanding, modifying and building more advanced and sophisticated knowledge is the character and professional religion of a teacher. Teachers must have the right to the knowledge, science and technology necessary for their student society and nation.

Successful teachers are those who are able to teach with sufficient knowledge of the subject, attachment to the profession, professional discipline, classroom management, interest, ability and level of the student. Traditionally, a teacher is only a person who is not a real teacher, but only a person who teases, bullies, punishes, intimidates, and stresses the student.

Even though the facts have to be reminded, it can be easily done in a fun environment, according to the ability of the student to make various formulas. In order to teach in a timely manner, the teacher should be given refresher training from time to time and the teacher should also take the lead in taking such training.

Teachers should speak and act sensitively on issues like ethnic equality, gender equality, ideological equality, class equality. Teachers should not lie and act as if the leader had given a vague example and speech to the people. The teacher should always be ready to apply what is said orally to the student in his real life.

The teacher should not pretend to be an idealist by telling the student not to do what I say. Those who talk about transformation should never support certain communities by advocating caste, ethnic and linguistic state. We must always remember what teachers teach and apply it in real life. The teacher should always self-evaluate how much difference there is between what I have taught, what I have taught, what I have said and what I have done and what I have done.

Only good teachers can produce good leaders, rulers, and publishers. Similarly, only a person who can teach according to the interest, desire and ability of the students can be successful in the teaching profession. In the past, only teachers played an important role in bringing knowledge, skills and art within the reach and jurisdiction of all, but the development and expansion of science and technology is not only producing goods and services. Today, with the help of the internet, the store of knowledge has been made easy, simple and convenient for everyone.

One teacher produces thousands of doctors, pilots, engineers, businessmen, but thousands of doctors, pilots and businessmen cannot produce a single good teacher. Therefore, teachers are playing an important role in transforming the society.

To be a good teacher, consider the following:

1. Classroom management

As soon as you enter the classroom, think of yourself as a superhero in the eyes of the student. Have a nice, polite conversation with the student in the classroom. Based on your behavior and gestures, the student decides how to treat you. Behave differently according to the student’s age group.

2. Determine the purpose

Determine in advance what purpose you have in the classroom. Reading should be done according to what you expect the student to learn. Prioritize this topic when planning a lesson.

3. Make the classroom quiet

Always teach in a peaceful environment. Learning activities may not be effective if there is no communication between the teacher and the student. But in the name of calming the classroom, teacher-student interaction should not be reduced to zero.

4. Ask the student a verbal question before going into depth

Reading directly according to the subject matter in the book can make the relevant subject unique to the student. In this case, ask them about the new topic verbally so as to tell them the background, which will give the student more knowledge after reading the book.

5. Compete with positive thinking

Develop a sense of fair competition among students to make them competitive. The habit of which students can write or explain a lot in which subject should be developed. Which also helps to make the student creative and hard working.

6. Don’t forget to make a lesson plan

The role of planning is important to complete every task. Therefore, the teacher should enter the classroom only after making a lesson plan. The teacher should also make a clear plan about what unit to teach, about how many days in a year and what to teach during which time he enters the classroom.

Responsibilities of a good teacher:

Teachers are the intellectual personality of the society. Inspired by the culture of the Gurukul education system, the importance of teaching is even more evident in our Eastern literature. Teachers are considered as a source of ideas and inspiration. Therefore, when becoming a teacher, the process of selecting a person who is considered to be of high rank should be followed. The teacher should always be readable.

It has not been found that there is a reliable scientific survey regarding the reading culture of teachers, but it can be estimated that the number of reading teachers is low in general understanding. Although the use of libraries is declining in the current market dominated by digital technology, the importance of libraries in schools cannot be underestimated.

Both teachers and students can benefit from the school library, but the wave of opening libraries was weakening as in the past. At the same time, there is a need for encouragement and support in the teaching profession.

The expected improvement cannot be expected from a frustrated and depressed teacher. Quality education is also needed for the prosperity of the nation and society. Therefore, the diversity of the country and the needs of the time should be taken into consideration while formulating the national education policy. Today’s national responsibility is to formulate an education policy that can accommodate the changes that have taken place in the present times and technology.

So far, nothing has been done to form a permanent National Education Policy Commission based on the existing Education Act rules and regulations and to emphasize on the effective operation, formulation and implementation of education policy by this commission. This commission should set targets by formulating a timely education policy in line with the constitution at the national, provincial and local levels.

The Constitution of Nepal 2072 BS places the responsibility of school education on the local government. Even after the implementation of the constitution, education has been conducted under the control of the central body. Even after the local elections, the elected local representatives are not allowed to exercise their rights as stipulated by the constitution, which may lead to further confusion. The current situation is not only responsible for the creation of this situation, but the shortcomings of the past have become complicated.

With the political change of 2046 BS, a new education policy was needed, but the education policy could not change with politics. As a result, community schools became increasingly fragile. Even after the change of 2063 BS, the education sector was neglected. The Constitution of the Republic of Nepal was promulgated in September 2072 BS. The country could not get the rules and regulations as per the constitution. For a long time, the CA members did not show much interest in the Education Act Amendment Bill.

Finally, in the middle of 2073 BS, the Act was amended. According to this Act, the structure of education has been changed by considering the basic level from elementary school to class eight and from class nine to 12 as secondary level. On the other hand, as per the arrangement made to study technical subjects from a class nine, there is a provision to conduct practical practice for one year even after class 12. This act has abolished the Higher Secondary Education Council and formed the National Examination Board.

However, the new constitution stipulates that education up to secondary level will be handed over to the local government. In this sense, the National Examination Board does not seem justified. Today, the country has to accept the federal republican state system and the constitution has been implemented. In this case, our education rules also need to be changed.

Although the current constitution of 2072 BS makes basic education compulsory and education up to secondary level free, the government does not seem to have taken any initiative to implement it. What can be expected of effective implementation when the government work is slow, monitoring and regulation is weak and feeble? There is no return on investment in government schools, nor does it seem to be able to assimilate technology.

Curriculum is not looked at in schools, textbooks are not available to students, some teachers become part of the team. A rule has been made that teachers should not be involved in politics. That cannot be applied in practice. Not all teachers have been provided with refresher training. On the whole, there is no provision of reward for good teachers and no punishment for bad teachers. Political leaders need our teachers, not good teachers.

If there is a good teacher in the school, he can also fulfill the role of guardian. In some places, both teachers and parents try to hide their weaknesses by blaming each other. It is important to focus on finding the right thing through mutual interaction, discussion and deliberation and paving the way for a mutually beneficial solution.

It is the virtue of a good teacher to make the study interesting and the classroom environment enjoyable for the students to concentrate on their studies. Teachers should be able to be efficient and competent in their subject. The teacher should not make a fuss in front of the students.

Students cannot learn without a good teacher. The teacher is to blame for the student’s lack of interest in learning the subject matter. Enthusiasm and desire to find new techniques and methods of teaching according to the teacher’s social and social interests are needed. If the teacher tries to confuse the children with the same old traditional techniques and methods in search of new thoughts and desires, then the children are not curious about such learning.

Some ignorant students do not try to know. Even if you pay attention to the study, you may not know whether you know it or the teacher does not know how to teach it. The teacher should listen to the student’s thoughts. What is their problem? A solution cannot be found without a good understanding.

It is necessary to improve the nature of proving wrong by examining the small faults of the students. Now we need to talk about the strengths, not the weaknesses. You are wise, you are intelligent, you have to read with encouragement. The teacher should be able to present himself in the classroom as a friend and facilitator. There are no students with the same learning ability in the classroom. There are students who have the ability to learn by listening, learn by reading, learn by touching, learn by doing, etc. Today’s need is for a teacher who can teach in a fun environment using the same method that students learn.

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