Higher Education in India: Challenges and future of higher education for people in cities and villages

3 ways the coronavirus epidemic can give education a new look!

Coronavirus epidemic is changing the way education is done. In this situation new solutions of education can.

Students are housed on-line classes, in part to take part, because Corona Virus says the outbreak of what school students in education are doing is delayed. Carnivorous epidemic has caused the education of ways to change the aim | The situation in the education of new solutions much needed innovation to bring you are. Some weeks in, coronavirus (COVID-19) was changed to have the world over for students to know how to educate the leads. Change is a glimpse into what you learn, what kind of services you may have |

Asia, Europe, the United States of America are speeding the spread of Corona Virus as well, countries having a full-blown epidemic of development to reduce them to the fast and decisive action of the world. In schools and universities in the presence of Suspension to make several announcements was that. L3 Marc far, OECD ‘s estimates put 39 countries in place announced or implemented by the school close to the cause 421 million more children are affected. In addition, another 22 countries partially localized you guys with the announcement of us. These risks – control decisions by millions of students and temporary school homes – are schooling conditions in which lodging is needed, especially in China, South Korea, Italy and Iran, which are some of the most affected countries in the world. These changes, of course, are the inconvenience caused by this, but he has also given. However, this judge will hurry to highbrow -19 reactions of the world over the education system and how influence will be, such signs that the learning of innovation and digitization of the trajectory of lasting effect may have. Below, we have three trends to follow you into the future of changes to signal to you are:

  1. Education –  Interactive applications of medium to education :

World-class educational institutions to change the slow motion centuries of old are being made. However, COVID-19 has a relatively short time in innovative solutions in search of in the world throughout the academic institutions of the catalytic world that is becoming. The virus spread to slow to help to order Hong Kong students through interactive applications all the way from February at home to learn how to start an online program. China has about 120 million Chinese live television broadcasts of the way of learning the material to reach her.

Other simple solutions –  one Nigerian School of Standard online learning Classroom of the medium from reading the content of the medium from the penalty issued to Guy |

That way, Lebanon is a school for students in physical education as the subject of the, online learning began to be. The students said their teachers were home working in the form  in their video shoots and sent, new digital skills to students to encourage them. A student’s parent – father of comment of, ” when playing the practice for some minutes takes time, my son and his teacher, the right format for the video shoot to, edits to and spends about three hours spent. ”

5G technology in China, US and Japan as countries in more prevalent to the well, our learners and solution providers to actually work with, somewhere too, but also, sometimes, even, as well as in the digital education on the concept of form we see. Traditional in – Classroom Learning  The new Learning Modeliti – live broadcast of the ‘influx of Educational Impactors’ in the virtual reality of the experiences of the supplement designed to be. Learning a habit that becomes a daily routine in integrating the life is – a true lifestyle.

  1. Public – private educational partnership value increase may have:

The last few weeks, we have a variety of stakeholders to work together – with governments, publishers, education professionals, technology providers and telecom network operators, including – Consortium and combine the shapes they have seen in it, which issues the temporary solution of the digital platforms of Access to the well come to you. . Emerging countries in which education primarily serves the government by providing the right to its future of education are prevailing and the resulting tendency to become may have.

In China, the education ministry said Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Education led  a new cloud – based, on online learning and broadcasting platforms developed for the well – with the basic structure of a suit to develop the  various components of a group to collect the information. .

That way, the Hong Kong – based on easy to read being could have. Forum (China Daily video here) 60 and more educational organizations, publishers, media and entertainment industry of professionals of the Union are available, with video, book chapter, assessment tools including 900 or more academic assets are available. And free in the consulting services. COVID-19 of the insert to the following even Consortium ‘s intention platform ‘s use and maintenance continue to keep it. In such instances, the medium to, it is clear is that educational innovation-specific government – finance funded or non-profit – supports social projects from beyond mind paying for it. The last decade in the world, we first of the education of solutions and innovation in the private sector to come up with great interest and investment of which is. U. S. With Microsoft and Google to take Korea to Samsung from Tencent, Ping A and China to Alibaba to China, corporations can educate the population of the strategic imperatives to wake up to. But now that the many initiatives within the limits are large, and relatively isolated – isolated places, the epidemic is a major educational goal on a large scale on a large scale of the cross – industry alliances to create the path paved with what may have happened.

  1. Digital divide the expansion to be:

Affected areas of most schools in the teaching of continuing to keep them to stop – gap solutions are found for you, but to learn the quality of digital access to the level and quality of the very subject is. After all, the world’s nearly 60% population is online. While individual tablets in Hong Kong virtual classes are ideally likely to have, for example, the order, less developed economies in many student WhatsApp or email to read through the replies to text and assign to trust you are.

In addition, lower standard and digital savvy individual families are working with their students to follow up the leads off it. When classes are infections that are, so these kids have, the cost of reason is to get you. As long as we reach in all countries the cost of reduction and quality of growth is not what there is, then the education of quality in the gap, and this type of social economic equality and more increases will. If digital uses the latest techniques to reach by determining the expected  digital divide more extreme, it could have.










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